Exhausted Sleep

Weird fucking dreams. Such weird dreams. After watching “Moment of Truth” last night, where the girl admitted to cheating on her spouse, not thinking he should be her spouse, and not believing she is a good person, I have to say, my dreams followed accordingly. The first dream was totally random, strange dream, a dream about cigarettes and Aesop Rock.

I was driving back from someplace up in LA, it kinda felt like the on ramp in Chatsworth, mixed with a little bit of Northridge, and I pulled over to get some gas and smoke a cigarette because I can’t smoke in my car. When I pulled over, I realized that the gas station was also a music store, and so I walk in, grab Aesop’s new CD and notice him crouching on top of the CD rack. He says he will sign my CD for me, to which I say thank you, please write something dirty. And he does, but he doesn’t sign his name, and then I get upset, tell him I want his name there too, and he jumps down and signs it, I buy it, and suddenly we are in a McDonalds/Pizza joint, and he is sitting with all his friends, and we get to talking, at which point he gives me his number and some stickers for his company, and says to call him.

Next dream, a continuation of that dream, and I call him up, meet him somewhere like Tahoe, but its more industrial and there are a ton of kids around that I know from San Diego, and Aesop gives me more stickers and a longboard and tells me that I should start putting stickers up and he will pay me for my time, to which I reply “sure, but you realize I make porn, I am no sticker distributer” and he laughs and sends me out the door. My mom is waiting right outside this house, (the house is a lot like the Andora house in Chatsworth, but nicer) and she and I start walking down toward the city and talking. We hop in my car and start driving to yoga, where everybody shows up at the exact same time, and I don’t have all the stuff I need to get into class on time (plus the class is filled to the brim with students), so I thank the teacher, gather my things and walk back out. At which point I run into…..Jeff Katz? Are you kidding me? Why am I dreaming about this guy? I haven’t thought of him in ages, let alone been able to recall his face, style, voice, idiosyncrycrise…mom and I are walking behind him and he has his hoodie pulled up and is making motions with his arms, and I hop on my board and skate up to him and say “Jeff, can we just talk a minute” and it takes him a couple beats to recognize me, upon which he freaks out and tells me that I am an evil woman, and he doesn’t want me anywhere near him because he thinks I wills steal his business, and I tell him I don’t sell drugs anymore, just sex (haha) and he doesn’t laugh, won’t shake my hand until I promise I am not going after his clients, and I feel myself giving him the most evil smile I can manage and he finally offers out his hand as a consolidation prize and I take it, shake it like a cold fish. Then he hugs my mom, says he’s missed her, and she and I carry on our way. Back to the house. Back to bed. We crawl in these bunkbed type things, and she tells me I can sleep all morning if I want to, makes some comment about it being the recovering coke-addicts way, and then poof…..I wake up.

Weird. I’m gonna make some coffee and allow my mind to be washed clean of the hectic evening of dreaming.


~ by Penny Flame on February 26, 2008.

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