Sac Town Resident

I’m sitting in my bed right now, Sac town temporary resident, and admittedly had an interesting morning/afternoon for not leaving my hotel. I think its because of the internet. The internet has kept me connected to everything out there that I hold dear, everything that I miss when I’m “o tour”. What the fuck ever that means. Well after I posted that naughty blog last, I masturbated. In fact, woke up this morning and masturbated then too. And then I get a text. From Mr. Man.

MM: “Just so you know, I jerked off to that story in my head when I woke up today. And then I got into the office and read it.”

Me:”HAAAAA! I love it! It was mad sexy yo….your hecka sexy….

It has me thinking. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve met someone I can fantasize over. There came a certain point where I would beat off just to beat off. With no actual purpose or context in which the orgasm occurs, I felt like I could let down my defenses and cum anytime with anyone. Where as if I had focused on a certain person, then it may turn into a slight obsession considering how much I masturbate. So much that sometimes I vibrate myself numb. Didn’t even bring the vibrator actually, its on time out. Sitting back at my house. Still plugged into the wall, hahahahha, and waiting patiently for my return. So with no vibrator, you can imagine my disappointment. But I found this forgotten glass cock in my bag, so horaaaay I get to masturbate. Actually all day I’ve been masturbating. All over the room. With the glass cock. And… video camera. And there are mirrors fucking everywhere that let me take the coolest footage.

The only time I have quit masturbating is when I went to work out, and get food. All downstairs. 3.6 mi on the elypitical and 2 on the treadmill. Turkey sandwhich. Back to masturbating.

I’m just glad that he is masturbating to me too. Actually, I am really glad. Jump on the bed glad…..

We’re definitely on for round two. And maybe three, four, five….


~ by Penny Flame on April 3, 2008.

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