Thank you for sharing

I’m excited. I woke up this morning excited about being alive, excited about, excited by the potential of the new day, and of every new day….

That being said, when I first came out to Sac I decided, “I’m going to videotape myself.” I won’t feel so alone because yes, I’m stripping in Sac sans Snugs and I gotta talk to someone through the day or I will go crazy. So having these long monologues in front of the video camera kind of heals my open wounds of loneliness. LOL. In fact. ROFL.

Yeah, you like that acronym bullshit huh? Drives me crazy. I’d much rather get a hehehe, or for guys hahaha, because if you say hehehe and you have a cock chances are you suck em too. Sorry, theres my crude stereotype for the day.

Anyway, I started videotaping myself, and I’m actually having an awesome time doing it! The rooms at the Hyatt Place have mirrors all over them, and makes shooting incredibly dynamic, because in some shots, you will see three of four of me, and some have my face and a butt shot all in frame, really cool footage. I realized last night, while masturbating for the camera in the dressing room post show, that it doesn’t take anything to make content. I think I have been afraid to commit to making content because it involves other people, and its incredibly difficult to book content trades sometimes because a ton of these chicks aren’t really down to work on their sites. And they don’t understsand that to make it something worth belonging to takes a bit of time, and yes, a little effort. But they do understand bookings. So I will be booking girls and guys for my website through my agency LA Direct Models, and that will not only guarantee that they show up, but it will guarantee awesome content for my site. I’m stoked. Because I can do all the fun behind the scenes shit by myself, for myself and with myself, and realize how easy it is due to this recent weekend dancing in Sac, I can really focus on the people I get to fuck for the site. J AND!!! I think I’m going to have a forum instead of email, because I just get fucking spammed and have to dig through so much shit, so a forum would be the perfect place to communicate. Yes……forum…………..and a house! A big webcam house where I can throw weekend gala’s and play pool and play in the pool and fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. As soon as I get back to LA I have a meeting with Derek, from Direct, Scott from Overboard, and some unknown mysterious figure, regarding, and it all starts with this meeting. I think these next few years, actually, all my years, are going to be exhilarating, and my little Penny Flame plane is just taking off.

Thank you all for sharing this moment with me, and the ones to come.


~ by Penny Flame on April 4, 2008.

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