Ain’t it funny, how time slips away

Ain’t it funny, how time slips away.

Seems as though we are already halfway into the year and time has begun slipping right through my hands. Like sand. Like Dali’s experimentation with the fluidity and flexibility of…time.

For example:

Thursday morning we left for Cabo, early around 6:15am. Now the night before, or should I say morning of, we collapsed into one another covered in sweat, pussy juice, and cum somewhere around 4:45am. If you have been engaged in wild and crazy sex all night, this is the perfect time to go to sleep. If your airport ride is coming at 6:15 however, this is when you absolutely MUST go to sleep, because to stay awake would require serious drugs, or another round in the hay, and we are both spent.

Somehow, the entire weekend in Cabo slipped away as quickly as that hour and a half in bed, and besides the fact that I have a couple quirky pictures from the trip, and two hours of insane video footage, I have nothing to show besides a swollen liver and a teeny bit of a pot belly (thank you quesadilla and Buenos nachos). Okay, I take that back. I have a few things to show from the trip. And they go a little something like this:


~ by Penny Flame on April 29, 2008.

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