Is everybody this happy?

Just got back from a little trip down to San Diego with the Boss man. Boss man boss man boss man. This guy is fucking smart. I mean, I always knew that he was clever, especially after the midnight lesson in econ he gave me a couple nights ago (and no that isn’t a sexual reference), but you know how some things are just easy for people? Some things just come incredibly naturally? Allow me to give you an example:

I had this buddy in highschool named Gala. Gala was, and still is, the man. Capital Man. He was Varsity Baseball his freshman year, first pitcher his sophomore. He used to have to run after school while we all went and smoked pot, so we would drive alongside him as he ran so he could hit the blunt. Not only was he an amazing athlete, but he was intelligent. One time, I call him and ask if he can help me with a paper I’m working on. Twenty minutes later, he meets me at my house with a finished paper, and although I didn’t plagarize it, I did quote him on several occasions, my source as D. Gala, shlabadedobeda. Life and success came naturally to Gala, which is how he got into Cornell, well, that and a 4.4 gpa.

The Boss is a smart smart man. We drove down last night and after some good conversation, and arriving in San Diego, I show him my home, take him down to the beach, and then to my favorite wine bar, The Vine. Over a filet (me) and a “vine” burger (him) we discussed a little bit of business. Not too much because I always like to keep conversations when not at work away from work. In any case, the things he shared with me convinced me that I need to keep my place in SD, and that it is very possible to make buttloads of money from home, wherever that home may be.

On top of having a brain that I want to remove from his skull and rub my pussy all over, and besides being dauntingly handsome, he’s way mellow. No freak outs over silly shit, like some surprise period blood or a silly mistext. In fact, I fucking ruined my duvet, and he didn’t even blink. Most guys would have jumped out of bed and run to wash their dicks off…..he put his hands behind his head and waited patiently for me to bring him a tissue. Very confident man. Comfortable. It means the world. Really.

Anyway, after some tasty sex, some tasty dinner, a little snuggle couch session and retirement to the tempurpedic, we wake up early and go at it again. I can’t keep my hands off him. I don’t know whether because he is fine, or oozing with intelligence and an unstoppable work ethic, but I am feeling this cat. Mucho Grande.

I’m back in LA, sipping a glass of Rioja and smoking a cigarette (yes I know its bad shut the fuck up) and I gotta be 100% honest with you right now. I am happy. I’m happy that I met him and we’ve continued kicking it. I’m happy that my career is taking off like it is. I’m happy that I’m back in LA, even if I do leave for Vegas at 7am tomorrow and then Texas 9am Wednesday.

Moments like this make me wonder…..

Is everybody this happy? Or am I the only one bursting at the seams?


~ by Penny Flame on May 11, 2008.

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