Your sex is like crack and I got ten g’s on some rocks

How quickly this month is coming to a close. How quickly my life seems to be flowing. The whirlwind of color that passes by me is disguised as minutes ticking away, and the older I get the more solid the realization that time waits for no one. There are things to do, and I am the one to do them. That being said, I did nothing today, and I did it well.

I wake up around 8, clean the dishes left over in the sink from the previoius night, and start the process that is the French press. B-Snaps sauntered out into the living room around 9:45, as he is in town looking for a new casa (that’s right folks I get his perfect little home as my own, fit to do with it what I may), and after we shared a cup of joe, I went to BBB to purchase myself a new lean mean fat grilling machine. Love it. Capital LOVE it. I love it so much so that I am considering inviting the Bossman over one night this week to cook him some lean mean fat free cuisine. I am thinking a teriyaki glaze with some asparagus and pineapple to go with this wonderful sparkling white pineapple wine I got from Maui a few months back. I’ve been waiting for the perfect occasion, and the Bossman is pretty perfect, so I can’t think of someone I’d rather share a special bottle of wine with.

After BBB, I dropped by Gelsons to pick up food for the week and other little necessities. Because of porn, there are some things I cannot live without, baby wipes being one of these, and my sweet little tushie gets really red and sore if I don’t pamper it with these wonderful new flushable wipes. We really are spoiled, and gone are the days of wiping our asses with leaves. Thank god. I also got some wonderfully lean cuts of chicken from their meat selection and some more Pete’s coffee to feed the dragon. Chase the beast?

After that I return to my humble abode to type up my first content entry for A little bit excited, I decide to do another. On the verge of beginning the third I realize that gasp I have no pot, well I take that back, I have enough pot to go get more pot, and so I’m off to the weed man for a refill. Now the Lackers are playing and I have to get back pronto because I promised B-Snapps I’d cook him a real nice dinner for giving me his house. Good deal huh? I thought so too.

So after some delicious chicken tacos de Fuego, (I marinated the little breasts in the tasty zesty soy lime marinade, just fantastic, if you see it get it), and some cookies and cream ice cream, I’m sitting in my backyard, type type typing away trying to try to convery how horrible of a life I lead and why you should never wish to be me.

So tomorrow I think I will go to the gym, eat some Pinkberry, drop off B-Snapps at Burbeezy aereopeezy, play around with the webcam and handycam in the name of “content,” and then maybe try to holler at Boss. I haven’t seen him in a couple days and I think I’m starting to have withdrawls. His sex is like crack, and man I got ten g’s on some rocks. And a brand new pipe.

And a torch. J

Sleep well world, with a life like this to look forward to, I know I will.


~ by Penny Flame on May 26, 2008.

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