Open Casting

The casting for my next Vivid flick begins today, and I’ve never been so nervous for anything. Not even the first time I got fucked on film. No, this nervousness exceeds all other nervousness I have ever felt. Except maybe the first day of high school, new high school, small town, everybody’s been friends since birth. Hmmm….lets explore this new feeling and see where exactly it stems from shall we?

I have directed plenty of movies before, but never one where I felt the need to hold an open casting. And what’s funny is that its all my friends coming down today, so its not like I don’t know these people, or like they will laugh at me for holding a casting, no in fact I think they will laugh with me because it is a pretty funny thing I am doing here. Casting. For a rough sex video. Kidding. I know who’s rough! I just need to see who can talk about it.

Another thing I’m nervous about is presenting Steve Hirsch with the final scene I’d like as the climax of the movie. A gang take down. I see it all in my mind too, see the girl walking down a dark alley, being approached by men in ski masks…I see it in a way that is very sexy, and although I know it is sexy, it is risqué (to say the least) and I need to get the big mans approval before I move forward with my casting choices. So that’s that. I woke up at 6:30am with butterflies in my stomach and a general nervous nelly feeling.

Kind of fun. Kind of.


~ by Penny Flame on June 3, 2008.

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