Second Vivid Flick: Expert Guide to Rough Sex



Why is it that sex is so easy to talk about but when it comes to feelings I’m emotionally inadequate or inept? And most often a mixture of both?

Sex is great. Its simple, its honest, and if you are 100% attentive, you are completely aware of your partner’s most inner thoughts and feelings. When it comes to life, and all the funny little idiosyncratic bullshit we pull all day in a grandiose effort to hide our true feelings, there is no fundamental basis on which we can all relate.

When you take off your clothes, it all changes.

I just finished directing my second Vivid-Ed movie, “Penny Flames expert guide to rough sex,” and I’ll tell you what, after this weekend, I needed someone to beat the fuck out of me. I needed a good slap in the face, and a few good meaningless but satisfying orgasms. The first title, expert guide to hand jobs, Tristan had a large part in the direction, the production.

This one, although she put it together and executive produced, she allowed me to take charge.  She allowed me to write the script, (and being the awesome woman that she is, helped to make it sound even better than I could, the wonderful product of team projects), and be in 100% control of 2/3 scenes. The only reason I didn’t have 100% control of the first, or I suppose third scene, or what ever order we choose to put it in, is because I was in it. With Derrick Pierce. And let me tell you.


D and I have worked together on many occasions, but at the end of the day there is always a certain extent of holding back, just the slightest hint of hesitation, and never before has he fully unleashed his metaphorical beast on my personal self. Not that there necessarily is a self.

No more esoteric nonsense.

I have a hard time being sub to any body in this industry. Man, or female, I have a tendency to take charge of the situation mostly due to the fact that I trust very few people to be 100% careful and attentive to me. But this goes for all walks of life. Plumbers, painters, studio makers……I am equally and unabashedly judgmental of all people. It takes a lot to trust someone. DP, I trust with my life. Which is why I let him dominate me in a scene for my Guide to Rough Sex.

It started with him dragging me by my hair and body slamming me into the wall. Almost immediately, he started choking me, slapping me in the face, spitting in my mouth. My legs began to quiver uncontrollably, and when he demanded I drop to my knees to suck his cock, I obliged willingly, readily, and happily, because already the intense wave of adrenaline had kicked in, and my knees were so weak I couldn’t stand much longer.

He forces me to half mast, holds me by the hair, and puts his cock within an inch of my mouth, strong, again making demands that I suck him immediately, and wrap my lips around him. I try my hardest, breaking my neck to please him, and can’t reach him unless he decides. And he lets me.

I think the biggest problem when I sub is that I have a tendency to dom from the bottom. For example.

After sucking his cock, he grabs me by the throat and the back of my head, lifts me into the air, feet not touching the ground momentarily, drops me, spins me, slams my face into the wall, (leaving really awesome Penny Flame tones make-up marks) and starts fucking me doggy.

A classic DS situation. The sub request permission to cum.

The classic Penny Flame situation. I ask to cum, am denied, cum anyway, and then am punished for cumming, at which point I cum all over again.

Me: Please, please please, let me cum

D: No. Not yet you filthy little fucking slut, you can’t cum until I say.

Me: holyyyyyyyyy craaaaaaaaaaaaaap

D: Did you just cum? Are you fucking kidding me? (at which point he grabs me by the throat, breath play, and fucks harder)

Me: hehehehhe, whoops! Sorry, I’m sorry. I promise I won’t…. ohhhhhhhhhhhh (looking to him with a sly grin and then slipping into a second yet equally gratifying orgasm.)

D: That’s fucking it!

The great thing is that I masturbate so much I can orgasm like the fucking sink. You turn it on, it won’t stop. D turned me on yesterday. He had me eating extra helpings of Dali Chicken from PF Changs, and some bomb ass Dan Dan Noodles like it was my job. I was drunk when I left set, off sex. And the ultimate power play.

This is how the scene ended.

DP is fucking my brains out and decides he wants to cum on my face. I can’t wait. This motherfucker has made me orgasm so many times its only fair that I get one good load out of him. So upon his stern request I drop to my knees and wait patiently for said load, which he delivers to my face in less than 30 seconds.

Immediately after he cums on my face, he takes me by the throat, lifts my whole body, feet off the ground and slams me back onto the couch, covered in cum and sweat, like the filthy little whore I am, and can be.

As soon as he leaves the scene, I grab the Hitachi to rub just one more out. Filthy greedy whore.

Its funny because when it comes to playing rough, there is so much more involved than any other kind of sex. Drunk sex. Angry sex. Make-up sex. Breakfast, lunchies, four-oh-fivesies. Every other kind of sex, you don’t have to be 100% attentive of your partner to please, or at least appease. You just have to be semi-present. When you start to play rough, every sense is heightened, every touch magnified. Every glance meaningful. And to be able to create an entire educational film about such a deep and meaningful way of interacting with your partner?

I am so thankful that Tristan let me be such a large part in the creation of this project. I learned a lot about myself over the past two days, as silly as it sounds, and I don’t think I could be at this point in my life without such a positive role model as she.

Its always funny how people can impact your life, and never know the extent. I mean, I get really shy, and can’t tell her how much this means to me, and I wonder if she will ever really know, (the words I write hear can’t convey a half of how grateful I am), just how incredible of an opportunity she has given me.

Maybe I should forward her a link?

Penny Flames Expert Guide to Rough Sex:……….cumming soon. And the over and over again.


~ by Penny Flame on August 12, 2008.

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