In a few short days from now, two things will be happening. The release of my very first Vivid-Ed flick, “Penny Flame’s expert guide to Hand Jobs. For men and women,” and the release of Penny Flame, upon the entire European continent. One will only effect me, the other has the potential to effect every single person who watches it. In that great way only hand jobs do.      

     When Tristan Taoramino came to me asking if I would like a shot at directing for her Vivid-Ed, I jumped at the opportunity. In fact, when she said my first movie should be about handjobs, (because of the lemon juicing technique I used on Tyler Knight in her Chem4 movie), I started clapping, because hands really are one of the most underrated parts of our bodies when it comes to sex. 
     For Example. The majority of girls I know, and myself included, have at one point requested that the guys we fuck not play with us with their hands. Like, no fingers in, no clit rubbing. Personally, this is because I always thought it rude of me to ask a guy to go wash his hands so he can play with my pussy. Being a part of this movie, and directing it under Tristan’s guidance, really opened me up to the idea that I’m not being rude, I’m just communicating my wants and desires. If he has any, he should communicate them to me as well, and this will ensure that the entire time we are fucking, we are making a conscious decision and effort to please our partner. So even before we start playing, I always wash my hands, and have my guys do the same. Its kind of fun actually, like a little trip to the bathroom where we wash our hands and end up making out and pre-getting it on. Its like a get to know ya moment. 
     Our hands can do so much if we just let them. If we aren’t afraid to ask our lovers about their likes and dislikes, and are interested in mid sex foreplay, or post sex orgasms, or even your regular pre-sex fingerbanging job, there are certain ways we can play with each other that are so pleasing and gratifying. And it gives us a nice little break, and the time to catch our breath, or puff a joint. 
     The movie comes out the 25th, and is awesome. There are some really dope visual effects we threw in to make it fun, and light, which is the flava flav of my career. You can choose to watch the movie in different ways. If you want the educational side of it, and the narration,  rad little bobble head Penny Flame pops up to help you out. There is even a fairy of sorts for those dry moments, and I think you will laugh your ass of. Or you can choose to watch it as a regular porn. No words, just hot fucking sex. The format is dope because even after you feel like you’ve got a hang on the handjob education side of things, the scenes are hot enough to jerk off too a thousand times over. I fuck Anthony Resano, Alexis Texas and Christian do it up, and then Amber Raine and Daniel get buzzy. I think you’ll really love the movie, and find new ways to play with the people you like/love/just want to fuck. handjobbbig2
     “Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Handjobs: for men and women.” Vivid-Ed

~ by Penny Flame on September 19, 2008.

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