Blast from the past and I motherfucking told you so

Strange week, the first days of the last days of the year. Between the grand ol Turkey day and today, a ton of things have transpired, one a vision of my former youth taking me back to SDSU and the apartment complex the cool kids lived at named Dorchester, a vision of my present self, standing in the elevator alongside Sir Charles, and a vision of the future to come, which I thankfully drank away over the weekend in Vegas so as to leave my path wide open. The first two visions were awesome though, and it always takes little blips in life like these to make you appreciate the big picture.

I’ve cut my pot smoking down to a quarter oz a week, figuring that is a reasonable amount for a young lady such as myself to inhale, a small little nugglet rolled into a spliff or bloint pre night night, and so every week when I visit my man to re-up, it’s a little event for me. We have a beer, talk about fights and smoke a couple bags off his vape. Usually I leave the house pretty retarded. The visits always reminded me of my drug dealer at Dorchester by SDSU, and the smoke sessions we used to sit down for. I bought herb off the homie BigMac, and dated his boy Katzy, who had just bought an adorable Rott/Lab mix, taking care of a dog being something no boys were doing at the time…. Katzy included. The dog stayed at BigMacs for the majority of the time I kicked it with the boys, they trained it to shit inside the apartment, in a corner of the dining room, because dogs aren’t allowed in the complex. In no time at all, the boys being incredibly lazy, the entire apartment filled up with shit, and when you’d walk in the front door, you could only open it so much because there would be a pile of shit. And you’d have to step over shit. Around shit. the only place there was no shit was the bathroom. And the boys bedrooms, because those were filled with pot plants. So finally, it came to the point where we all refused to go over to BigMacs, even BigMac wouldn’t go into his pad, only his roommate Buff, who just stepped over the shit and went into his bedroom, pissed about the piles and piles of shit in his living room/dining room/kitchen. Gross. The boys ended up being fined ridiculous amounts of money and have shitty credit as a result of all the shit. But….Man. Talk about hanging out with irresponsible 19 year old boys.
So i go to my pot guy for our weekly beer and bag session and when I get up to leave I go pee first, not gonna wait till I get back to my pad. I walk into the bathroom, and low and behold……SHIT. Everywhere, little tiny shits from his roommates little fucking toy dog, shit in front of the sink so you straddle it while you wash your hands, shit in front of the toilet, inches away from making it. And I’m right back at fucking Dorchester, buying herb from BigMac, and he’s laughing about it saying

“Yeah it’s some shit!!!”

I walk from the bathroom to the living room and tell my man…
Me: “Yo, you got some shit in your bathroom.”
Him: “Oh, hahaha, yeah, I forgot to warn you about that shit, sorry”
Me: “Wow.”
Me (In my head): “Time to get my card renewed”

Over the weekend, me and Brando went out to Vegas to see the Oasis concert, totally great show, even the opener, the Cardinals, killed it. Over all the night went really well. But when we first arrived at Palms, checked in and settled down, we decided its out on the town, sushi at Social and then O at Bellagio. Well as soon as we enter the elevator, Brando realizes he forgot his brand new little cam and we decide to ride back up to get it. At the bottom, doors open, and Charles Barkley walks in, followed by a bellhop and all his luggage. He’s talking to the bell hop about the PacMan/De la Hoya fight, saying Pac man is gonna get his ass handed to him. He’s just too small says Sir Charles.
I pipe up.
“No way! PacMan is gonna kill the Golden Boy, he’s just way too fast. De La Hoya’s not ready for it. nobody is!”
Sir Charles “But he’s just too small.”

This is the first fight I’ve ever placed money on, this most recent fight, and I bet on PacMan for the win, and motherfucking won. I only bet a bill, but shit, I got it back and then another buck5, ain’t nothin wrong with that ya know? And the best part about it all?

I told motherfucking Charles Barkely so.


~ by Penny Flame on December 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Blast from the past and I motherfucking told you so”

  1. Is there anything our Penny Flame doesn’t know or can’t master?!! Way to go girl… And do these comments actually post?! They never seem to show up..

  2. I knew you rocked Penny. Oasis is a awesome band! A great live band! Keep up the good work and this terrific blog, Penny!

  3. I am so glad I found this page! I knew you were fucking cool Penny; right down to the Oasis concert. I’m going to see them on the 20th at Madison Square Garden; wanna go?
    You’ve written me a few times on myspace, I’m notMarc. I’m usually going on about your sexy feet and you’ve always been so nice. Your blogs here confirm every kind thought I’ve ever had for you. You are inddeed a very special girl and I really am looking forward to getting to know you.
    Touch your very sexy soles and feel loved; you are.
    Soft Solekisses, Marc

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