And finally……a new post.

I know, I know, I know what you are saying.

“Penny Flame you fucking bitch, why don’t you ever update your blog?

Well, finally the time has come. Not only for a new blog, but for me to reveal that “great big thing” I had mentioned in a previous blog. The time has come for me to let my cat out of her bag, or pussy out of my underwear, or whatever out of whatever.

I’ve taken a new job.

Okay, slow down, don’t worry, I’m still the big fat porn whore that you know and love. I’m still sucking dick and fucking random people like I always have. But now I have a new title, something comparable to President of Earth, which has been the only title I’ve held thus far. Well, besides porn whore. hahaha. Pornwhore/President of Earth. Well, now, I’ve added on the title of “MetroBabes Studio Manager,” and its a title that I am fully enjoying.

I suppose I should start at the beginning, and when I get to the end, I will finish.

A few months back, I started talking with the kind folk over at Metro about this new position. Previously, this crazy bitch who I don’t care to mention had been running the studio, and I poked a little fun at the CEO of the company for hiring such a crazy bitch. The bitch was/is nuts, like fucking real nuts, and I told him that. Said he was nuts too for employing her. He quickly realized how right my statement was/is, and fired the bitch. After he saw video of her doing drugs all over the studio. MY studio. Well, now it’s my studio. Haha bitch.

Anyhoot, is a brand new camgirl site, and we are marketing ourselves as the one, the only cam site with Pornstars on, 24/7, 52/365, whatever breakdown of time you feel like playing with. We aren’t quite up to our 24 hours a day pornstar feed like we plan to be, but seeing as how we just got the billing in place, and I am finally settled into the studio, I think it makes sense that we work in baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day you know?

So I’m running the studio. 5 days a week actually. That’s right, I sit at a desk, wear business clothes, hire bitches, and make them fuck themselves for your viewing pleasure. I’ve even hired on a Crew Leader to help me run this motherfucker, one of the baddest ladies in porn, and one of my dearest and oldest friends, Roxy Jezel. Rox and I have been friends since we hit up Humbolt together for Blazed n Confused 1, since we ran around the beach smoking weed, played naked tag in the woods of Northern Cali, and especially since she got clean, one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Roxy has slowed down on performing, just like myself, and we both thought this is the perfect opportunity to take our careers to the next level. I’m stoked to have her on board, and as my right hand woman. She truly is the Perfect Girl.

The funny thing about the industry, right now, (and we all saw this coming for quite sometime) is that NOBODY IS WORKING. I mean fucking nobody. I was still getting little gigs here and there, but certainly not the 10-15 scenes a month I was used to. And the girls that were doing 15-30 scenes a month aren’t doing a goddamn thing, a ton have resorted to hooking to pay the bills, and seeing as how I can barely commit to something to wear for the day, committing to this kind of “hooker” lifestyle is just not something I can muster my whoriness up to do. So Studio Manager is the perfect next step. The best way for me to stay in the business, stay on camera, make some money for myself, and help my girlies make money for themselves. I never liked to see the ladies I work alongside, with, and around have to go out and hook in NY, or Chi-town or where the fuck ever all these fucking Johns live, and now, with the new position, at least I can assure that they’ll bring in a couple hundred every time they drop into my studio. In fact, there is such a surplus of girls, and the market is so over-saturated, I know brand new girls who, before this “turn of the tides” would have been fucking every day. Now, girls like Stevie Hart, who are brand spanking new, and fucking adorable, have only done 7 scenes in the past 4 months. Unless you are a big name girl, or have big ridiculous tits, or a ridiculously round ass, the chances of you getting hired enough to pay your shit are zip, nada, zero, bitches ain’t getting paid.

But when they come to work for me they are. In fact, right now, I have Ricki Raxxx in one of my private chat rooms talking dirty to guys online. I have Vanessa Leon showing up at noon, and Cassidey Morgan at 2:30. As soon as we have our own high speed connection (because as of right now, I convinced our neighbors to let me hijack their T1 connection tehehehehehe), I’ll be bringing anywhere from 9-12 girls in here a day.

let’s read that again.

9-12 girls a day

That’s a fucking buttload of girls. In fact, there is no other company in the entire adult industry that hires in that kind of quantity, and you better believe the agents are LOVING me right now. Not just because of the agency fees, because they’ve all been kind enough to cut me some serious breaks when it comes to that shit, but because I am keeping their masses of talent happy. Healthy. And paid.

So that’s the big news. I’ve upgraded Penny Flame to Penny Flame 2.0. There are only a couple things that suck. I will list them below, and you can do your own pro’s/cons list.

1. It turns out that all the shoes I’ve bought to wear for porn only work well when they are flying high in the air. None of the shoes I own are made for walking. Only for fucking. And now that I am wearing them as shoes instead of handlebars, my feet hurt like motherfuckers when I go home.

2. Any button up shirt I own is being put to use. Like, all those shoots where the wardrobe was “office attire” is now actually my office attire. Which is fun because I can dress like a total slut in my office and I’m the manager so I do what I want. However, I think after years of training my clothes to come off at work, they now do so naturally. For instance, I was sitting at dinner last night, and one by one, all of my buttons undid themselves. I am obviously a very good teacher. My clothes now take themselves off, even when my job no longer calls for it.

3. Office chairs with lumbar support are a big fucking joke, and I have discarded mine and replaced it with a yoga ball. After the first week of sitting on that big comfortable chair, I felt my ass flattening out into the shape of the chair, which will just not do. Now I sit on a ball, and hope my ass keeps the same shape of the ball. The ball has no back. My posture is improving, but I am a little tired of getting bored and doing sit-ups.

4. Working a real job is hard. Besides dealing with bookings, schedules, logging girls in, and handling all the crap that goes along with it, I think back on my early days, where I would wake up around 11, smoke weed till 2, eat lunch or breakfast, or whatever you want to call it, go to work and suck dick and get fucked for a couple hours, and then come home smoke more weed, and go to bed at a nice reasonable hour. I now get up at 6am every morning. Am in my studio by 8, and look fucking cute too. I leave around 7:30-8pm every night. Eat and go back to sleep. THIS IS MY LIFE NOW. Fun clothes that make me feel like someone else, uncomfortable shoes that remind me I’m still Penny Flame, and a feeling of complete and total exhaustion that reminds me this 9-5 shit is a new game. One that I am still learning.

1. I get to hire anybody I like, and run back and forth between my private rooms motorboating chicks tits all day.

2. I get to meet all the girls in the business. I’ve never had female friends, and day by day, I am finding myself completely surrounded by woman. This means I no longer have to buy excessively large cars to drive my excessively large male friends around in. My E350 has plenty of room for these cute, petite, and nasty hustlers.

3. I don’t get an STD. I cannot get an STD from sitting on my yoga ball. No matter how hard I try. Now if at some point, my face happens to fall in someones lap, that is a different story. But you can’t get the ghon from motorboating boobies.

4. I have an actual future. My biggest fear in joining the ranks of pornstars is that at the end of my run, and not to say this is the end of my run, but at the end of things, I will be left with absolutely no skills that are applicable to the outside world. So I can suck dick standing on my head. So I can fuck someone while balanced precariously on one pinky toe atop a 4 foot barstool. These talents don’t qualify you for any job. Except pornstar. I have a future. Not just as a pornstar, but as a real woman.

Okay. So there it is. Everything out on the table. Well, the first steps of everything anyway. And I am stoked. I am thrilled to be given a chance to make something this awesome, this cool, stronger, better, faster, harder harder harder……oh wait. sorry, that’s right. I’m now Penny Flame 2.0. Thanks for continuing in your support, and look for me on the webcam……

I’ll be here forever now. For your viewing pleasure.


~ by Penny Flame on February 22, 2009.

23 Responses to “And finally……a new post.”

  1. it’s about time for an update. I had to resort to reading books and shit. Congrats on the new gig. 5-6 years down the line I’m pretty sure you could set yourself up for a nice run at the senate (Penny Flame 3.0!)

  2. I love you Penny

  3. Congrats, sounds like a great job. just checked out the site and it looks pretty cool. why is it that there is such a shortage of work for porn girls right now?

  4. too many people shot too much content….that’s why none of the girls are working. For instance, there is enough Penny Flame footage to release new video’s of me for the next ten years!

    (which is kind of cool because then I will never grow old!)

    But in the end, everybody getting excited and over shooting has over-saturated the market, and now there is all this porn with no home, not enough people to buy it, not enough horny men and women to watch it….

  5. That’s going to be really surreal for you 10 years down the line.

  6. Glad to hear your surviving the recession (bordering on depression) Penny. Just the other day I was browsing though financial reports for media / entertainment companies and wondered how much this was going to hurt the Porn industry and people in it. Hopefully your new gig will last a few years cause this is not going to turn around for several more years.

    Stay sharp and keep your nose (or applicable parts) to the grindstone 🙂


  7. Penny congrats! Sounds like an awesome job! 🙂

  8. Congratulations and a late Happy Birthday.

    You seem like you are going into this with the right mindset, so I’m sure this will be a great success. Looking forward to future posts about this new phase of your career Penny 2.0…

  9. well then, you keep coming up roses and good for you. Never knew the industry was down in regard to bookings. At least when things get slow, you can write because that is a talent you should strive to maintain. If the “job” ever goes away, you can survive on your musings

  10. So the difference between you and the wack-job, crazy bitch you replaced is that she did drugs in the workplace and you don’t?

  11. I’m glad that there is something to fall back on when you think film is enough! I myself am trying to get into the radio field and its a bitch…you got to know the right ass to kiss it seems. So, I’m glad that you have another job title under your name…and once I get into the radio buisness and I become rich and famous (which will happen), I’ll bring you on and we’ll do a little radio show on whatever the hell we want. Keep up the updates and I know it will never happen…but confirm me on MySpace!

  12. Great to have you back again

  13. Congratulations! Sounds like a great opportunity!

  14. Great move there Penny Flame 2.0! You are always so funny and talented that I am sure the talent loves working for you, it must be a blast. Let us know when you will be performing on ths site so we can make sure to attend. You should do a blog post on when you decided to go clean and how that has impacted your life.

  15. I started reading this blog a bit ago (found it through Fleshbot) and I’m very happy for you. I’ve always found you adorable in any scene I’ve seen you in and it’s awesome you’ve found yourself a new life. Update more often and take care.

  16. i hope you are well and we will be friends thats all i ever wanted i wish u well i hope u will find peace and happiness.

  17. So that’s all, that’s it? No more Flamin Flame?


    If you quit the sex business I will be sad but if the Celebrity Sex Addiction, VH1 flavour of the week lights up your career, then good for you, and if you are sick with sex addiction then I hope you get the help you need.

    BUT…PLEASE, If you have any content shot for your website post it some place! Just because you no longer have sex for a living doesn’t mean you can reap a few royalties – right? Knowing them shits is out there is hard on a man.

    With love wide as the ocean and deep as a bath tub,

    Best of luck,

    – JDW

    PS: Are you going to use PF or your legal name on the show?

  18. Smart move. Porn is ahead of everything, the reason betamax lost out to vhs in the 70s/80s – porn was readily available on vhs, the rise and rise of the internet – porn, pay per click – porn did it first, and now the world is fucked, yeah, porn industry is way ahead of you. Pretty fucking sharp of you to make that step.
    There’s just one thing about regular work that I still struggle to get my head around, and I hope you can handle it better, routine, the routine is a fucking killer.
    Some days I stop and look around me and even though Im now doing a job I love, I think ‘what the fuck, how did I not follow the paths but am still somehow on the path?’
    Good luck to you, I sent you some book recommendations through another site, even if you did get them I doubt you’ll need them now anyway, all the best for the future.

  19. a flame that burns twice as bright.

  20. I loved u,Penny Flame!

  21. Penny, what happened to the newer blog entries? Did the site crash?

  22. Write me Penny

  23. i don’t know you but you have nice feet 🙂

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