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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Ny grandpappy was a alcoholic, my father is an alcoholic, I was an alcoholc.

    I know where you’re at…

    I’ve told my dad that he’s got to stop. He agrees and does for a night or two and then resumes at an ever more furious pace. He thinks he’s invincible, and he is formidable for his years, but his sky-rocketing blood-pressure gives him head-aches and the red faced asshatery at family gatherings belies severity of his problem. Every day he looks a little more wrung out — like he’s been in the desert too long. He tells me that I’m to blame for his drinking on account of my psychological problems. I remind him that he started drinking long before I went crazy and that I’m not an alcoholic (anymore), I’m not drug addict (anymore), and I manage my manic episodes without the use of pharmaceuticals (and by manage, I mean, take good care of myself and try to remind myself that I’m not Jesus when shit goes south). That said, I’m still a bit fucked up and I’m making up for a lot of lost time.

    What brought me back from the edge was not fear of death — I wanted to die like the sun wants to shine — it was that shred of me that still cared about the people that cared about me. Simply: I would have killed my family if I had killed myself. I couldn’t be that selfish and so I spent two years detoxing and fixing what I could and through that process I began to appreciate life a little more.

    So where I’m going with this Penny is you’ve got to let your Mom know how you feel about her dying this way. Perhaps by confronting her own mortality she’ll be shocked into action, but I kind of doubt it (sorry but I’m sure it’s crossed her mind more than once that what she’s doing to herself is hurting her — and yet…). You’ve got to tell her what this drinking is doing to you and your family and how it is fucking killing you all inside. You have to explain to her how you see her changing, failing, falling apart. You have to let her know how much you love her and explain to her what she’s lost, and what you will lose if you lose in her slow, sad, and pointless descent. She may need to hear this more than once and she probably should hear it from everyone in the family.

    Ultimately, she has to decide what is more important to her: slow death in chemically buffered existence or the people that love her (and all the pain that comes with it).

    Take care of you alias Penny Flame,


  2. So about this Internet thing. Haven’t quite got the knack of it yet.

    The above post was supposed to be in the Giant Drunk pink Elephant page, but something went horribly awry.

    I guess it’s not so bad…I kind of like a topic called ‘About,’ whatever I write is relevant.

  3. Penny…A few blog posts back you mentioned that you had a big career altering move in the works but you didn’t want to say anything until it was a for-sure, done deal. Are you any closer to nailing this down? Could you give us a hint as to what the big change might be?

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